The 4K Future is Here!

The 4K future is here and, unlike 3D, it’s no gimmick. The pace of innovation is almost shocking, and at 1080 Studios we are keeping up!!

We can use 4K’s unparalleled resolution to make things look better, have a more immersive and authentic feel, which allows for a better storytelling medium. 4K has a whole lot more ‘real estate’ with which to tell the story.

Anyone looking at 4K content on the right screen will see a lavish, and more emotive image that is a lot closer to the picture quality delivered in the cinema. But even if your project is never displayed on a 4K screen, you can reap tremendous benefits from shooting in 4K!

For example:

When shooting a green screen project, 4K allows you to shoot one frame of your host (head to toe), then use that same clip for the waist shot, and the close up, all from the one take!

No more matching enegery between takes, no adjusting for possible changes in exposure, etc. from different takes and focal lengths. And lets not forget, your talent will love you for not having to read the same script over and over for hours to get the different framings, and you can keep your production as efficient as possible saving you time and money in the end.

 Also, when shooting interviews, you can shoot a medium shot and be able to cut a close up and an extreme close up all from the same shot, it’s like having 2 cameras on the set!  Also, no matching cameras in post, no slightly different angles as with the standard “side by side” 2 camera interview, it also gives you added flexibility, and saves you money!

Start to finish:

At 1080, we are also quipped to handle the rigourous demands that 4K places on the edit system.  Many post production systems just are not up to the task. This is why we have upgraded our whole post production pipeline to smoothly handle any project from 4K to standard HD..


A few fun facts:

  • We are currently working on a large 4K digital signage project for a client in the medical space.  Can you imagine your content on a UHD monitor, in a public space for all to see, it is stunning!
  • Netflix has already begun rolling out 4K on its own shows – the latest season of original series “House Of Cards” can be streamed in 4K, if your TV and internet connection are up to the task.
  • Amazon’s 4K Instant Video service will land on Samsung and Sony TVs in October.
  • Sony has announced that its PlayStation will be upgraded to 4K and will have titles available including The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall and Ghostbusters to name a few.