About 1080 Studios

Denver video production company ~ professional video production and video post-production services in Denver and Colorado.

When our clients talk about 1080 Studios, they talk about trust.  They talk about Bob – the man they trust with their most important corporate, broadcast and multi-platform video productions.  Director of Photography Bob Tatlock handpicks seasoned pros that imbibe his lofty and exacting standards of quality and unsurpassed client satisfaction to provide a full menu of video production services.

Bob and his pros at 1080 Studios in Denver, Colorado serve a variety of clients, including leaders in the broadcast/cable/broadband industries, fortune 500 corporations, and a myriad of small business enterprises.  Services include field and studio video/audio production, crew booking, production management, creative services and complete post-production editing.

Staff and Production Team

Bob Tatlock | Director of Photography, Lighting, Producer and Director

Experience.  Bob has been doing video production for over 20 years — and for the most demanding clients, such as NBC, ESPN, Discovery Channel, Microsoft, Cisco, Anheuser-Busch and the list goes on.  He brings a wealth of knowledge to every project, for clients large and small.  Attention to detail.  Nothing gets by Bob, which means no surprises for you.  Bob identifies potential problems up front, and works with you to address them, allowing for a finished product that is pristine, perfect, on time, and within budget.  Creative.  He’s a master at his craft, to be sure.  But Bob also has a creative streak that adds spark to any project with his generous input of ideas.  Geek.  Bob loves gear.  When he’s not constantly keeping his equipment in top operating shape, he’s buying new gear to stay ahead of the industry’s mind-boggling technology curve.

Video Production Highlights

What hasn’t he done?  A quilting bee.  But Bob has shot pretty much everything else:  TV series.  Corporate Communications.  Documentaries.  Live sports (including The Olympics).  Corporate training.  Marketing.  TV commercials.  Web.  Live events.  Instructional videos.

Hardware.  Don’t be surprised if your project gets nominated for an award.  Bob has a closet-full of industry honors:  Telly, Communicator, Omni Intermedia, Aegis, Media Communications Association and Videographer Awards for excellence in sports and documentary television production/programming.

Julie Tatlock | Director of Everything Else

Organized.  Lofty title aside, Julie is the lubricant that keeps 1080 Studios always running smoothly.  Her cozy relationship to Bob (they’re married) means that nothing happens without her knowledge.  Responsive.  Julie works closely with clients throughout the production process to make sure every need is met, every “i” dotted, and that they are nothing less than completely satisfied.  Everything Else.  Executive Producer.  Production Manager.  Teleprompter operator.  Administrative liaison.  Client representative.  Julie answers to all of these titles.  She also answers to “Julie.”

Post Production Editors

The Best of the Best.  1080 Studios knows good editors and only hires the best.  Collaborators.  Whether viewing rough-cuts remotely from the comfort of your office or in the comfort of the 1080 Studios Suite, our editor’s easy-going style invites you to be a part of the creative process.  Imagination.  No matter the budget, editing at 1080 Studios means access to 1080 Studios group of creative talent, imagining a fresh approach to your project, setting it apart from the crowd.

Denver video production company ~ professional video production and video post-production services in Denver and Colorado.